Kiss Food & Drink Restaurant

Kiss Food & Drink Restaurant
Kiss Food & Drink Restaurant

We were in for a surprise as we were asked for a food review at the Kiss Restaurant. A simple lay out n not entirely haute voleé but kind of cosy, especially at night, opposite the Grand Market, next to the Thai Boxing Sport stadium. Seating is simple but comfortable. We were welcomed with a smile which is exceptional these days.

The Chefs ( 3 9 were introduced and our forts Chef, all three were ladies, has a history of at least 10 years in international kitchens in Pattaya, which was confirmed in the quality and presentation of the food. Our menue consisted of crispy tacos filled with chicken, salad and topped with shredded Chester cheese and sour cream. An absolute delicacy, crunchy and all. Close your eyes and you are in Mexico. A shared dish of Penang Curry, as creamy as it can get with a slight spicy nuance (touch) and fried rice as a between dish surprised us .

The creamy Penang practically melted on out tongues and matched perfectly with the tasty fried rice. I have become a delusional fried rice consumer as most fried rices are tasteless, blunt and oily. Not this one. It had a particular taste to it which I could solely indulge into, given nothing else.

A cold beer and Kiss fried rice that should make my day. As a main dish, BBQ ribs covered in a Smokey tastin BBQ sauce with mashed potatoes, onion rings, tomatoes slices and baby corn rounded of our lunch appointment. The meals were absolutely delicious, well presented and very reasonable priced. We chose to have a matching cold beer to the lunch which teamed up perfectly with the menue. There are several wines to choose from as well but opposite a colorful market a cold beer served it´s purpose best.

For a dessert, a vanilla ice cream filled pancake topped with sweet whipped cream and fruit cocktail made sure our calorie intake was plentiful. Congratulations Kiss and Co., a well deserved praise to your Kitchen, Chefs and Personal, Friendly service with a good command of the English language. Find Kiss in the street going to the Grand Hotel, as you enter, on the right side.

Open daily 11 a.m.-23 p.m.
Tel: 032-513 499 or
Mobile: 083-273 6152