Lars Castenlund; Entrepreneur, Creator of lifestyles and Enjoyer of life

Lars Castenlund; Entrepreneur, Creator of lifestyles and Enjoyer of life
Lars Castenlund; Entrepreneur, Creator of lifestyles and Enjoyer of life
Lars Castenlund; Entrepreneur, Creator of lifestyles and Enjoyer of life
Lars Castenlund; Entrepreneur, Creator of lifestyles and Enjoyer of life

Life and work prior to Thailand

I started out working for an insurance company where I was employed for 10 years, but my passion has always been with computers and online opportunities. In 1997 when the internet first started to become popular in Denmark, I realised the new and endless possibilities that had become available – it fascinated me and steered my life in whole new direction. I was fortunate enough to meet the right person at the right time who was working for the Danish government. He asked me if I would like to become an instructor, – teaching public institutions how to use Microsoft products (e.g. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher, etc.). Around the same time, I started to take up programming tasks for my employer, which led me to start my online dating service. We were at the very front of the evolution of online interaction.

This was long before Facebook, Line, SnapChat – and similar services which today we take for granted. Back then, people hardly knew how to send an email to a friend, let alone get into contact with a stranger online. From there, things went fast, and a year after opening up our online dating website, we expanded to several other countries. With our business doing great, we ventured into new areas and opened up websites for online shopping, along with an online service which became “the place” to go for online casting in Denmark. I did several other online ventures and more than 13 business’ going at the same time. Having to attend business dinners each and every night, discussing the same things over and over again, made me realise that this would not be the life for me. I needed a change.


I first came to Thailand 7 years ago where I met Soren – who is also from Denmark. At the time, he was working on a concept called “Hua Hin Online” which was to be the place for everything regarding Hua Hin – online. I believed the concept and we took it to the next level and launched a company based on that concept. When I went back to Denmark, I opened up yet another business – this time selling artificial nails online in Europe – it ended up being very successful. On my return to Thailand I undertook yet another venture – this time in real estate. I am the founder of Star Property, together with Sumalee Wilaiprasert. Around this time I slowly came to the conclusion that I had fallen head over heels in love with Thailand – the weather, the kind and wonderful people and the laid back lifestyle – things I could no longer find in Europe.

The stepping stones were being laid for a new chapter in my life. My ventures into Hua Hin Online and Star Property led me going into partnership with George Mastronikolis and the local newspaper Hua Hin Today. George and I later launched several projects together, one of them being the resort Black Lotus. I am an entrepreneur at heart and I find it very hard standing still. Whenever I see needs I try to create solutions to meet those needs. And for this exact reason, I was also one of the 3 founders of Hua Hin Butler (now sole owner) – a company dedicated to servicing the residents of Hua Hin with everything from food delivery to carpet cleaning.

Current life and projects

My life in Thailand so far has been eventful and full of amazing experiences; each one of them has brought me closer to what I now see as where I belong – creating an amazing lifestyle project where I myself can feel at home – something that has, so far, been hard to find in Thailand, and especially in Hua Hin, hence Electric Mango was born.

The vision created for Electric Mango by me and my wife Namfon (CEO of Electric Mango) is to create an environment for everyone – families, events, regular parties and simply good times in pleasant (amazing!) surroundings with the people you care about. One of the soon to be added facilities will be a steak house and a concert venue where local and international bands will be invited to perform. The style of music will be something that harmonises with the home of His Majesty the King, Hua Hin. On the drawing board is also around 200 private villas with 2 stories, which will add a whole new dimension to Electric Mango. The style and quality will be among the very best you can find in Asia. Electric Mango will develop into the hottest place to be in Thailand in a very short time.

Giving back

One of the great things about Electric Mango is its ability to be venue for social and charity events. Our venture into charity began 3 months ago when we hosted the event “Children’s Day” together with Thai Social Network. A large group of 60 less fortunate kids along with their teachers came and enjoyed a day with food, fun and games at the playground at Electric Mango.

Seeing their happy faces inspired us to make the events and ongoing thing, and we now have a Children’s Day every second Saturday in Electric Mango. These events has opened our eyes to the in need – which is also why Electric Mango chose to sponsor 250,000 baht to a Woman’s Club charity event for breast cancer. The Women’s Club continues to be a strong voice in Hua Hin for those who need help and Electric Mango will continue to support them and their causes. My life and future is now about bringing to life a unique lifestyle project and at the same time work to help those in need.