Leader of fake vaccine scam arrested

Photo: Reuters

China has arrested the leader of a multi-million dollar scam that passed off saline solution and mineral water as Covid-19 vaccines.

The man identified as Kong had researched the packaging designs of real vaccines before making more than 58,000 of his own concoctions.

A batch of the vaccines were smuggled overseas, but it’s unknown where they were sent to.

Kong is among 70 people who have been arrested. The arrests, involving more than 20 cases, came as Beijing vowed to crack down on false vaccines.

Even though most of the cases surfaced late last year, new details were released this week.

A batch of 600 of these vaccines were sent to Hong Kong last November before they were shipped abroad.

The sales were made on the basis the vaccines were acquired via internal channels of genuine manufacturers.

Counterfeit vaccines were sold at inflated prices in hospitals. Other criminals also conducted inoculation programmes of their own and had village doctors vaccinate people with fake jabs in their homes and cars.

Source: BBC News