Legend Arena hosts Muay Thai event to promote gender diversity


On June 24, 2024, Yaowapa “View” Boorapolchai, President of the Thai Olympic Athletes Association and Director of The Legend Arena, organized the Mavell Air X Legend Fight Pride Month event at Bluport Mall. The event featured amateur Thai boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) matches, drawing participants from both Thailand and abroad.

The event’s highlight was a Thai boxing match between Fasodsai from The Legend Arena and Linping Pumphanteng. The two tomboys, who had faced each other twice before, delivered an intense and entertaining match. Fasodsai narrowly won by points after three rounds of exchanging powerful blows.

Another special match featured Nong Nam-Ing and Nong Nile, two young men who trained for two months specifically for this event. They impressed the audience with their Thai boxing techniques, leading to a hard-fought draw.

In amateur boxing, Kento from The Legend Arena faced Tung Tang Pumphanteng in a three-round bout. Despite a physical disadvantage, Kento’s relentless fighting earned him admiration from the spectators, ending the match in a thrilling draw.

Other match results included:

  • Rookie Kiat Boonsong defeated Phetsi Phet Muay Thai.
  • Fakamram from The Legend Arena (Thailand) lost by TKO to Wolf Kiat Boonsong (Russia).
  • Patakek K. Khon Kian Khao defeated Pranchai Garuda Fight Club by TKO.
  • Krai Thong Lek Sit Itisukto defeated Den Phayak Sak Somchai by points.
  • The final special match was a 2 vs. 1 bout, with grappling in the first round and Thai boxing in the second. Fasai from The Legend Arena won the grappling round by points against Thanapon Rattanawong (Wildcard Gym) and defeated Thanabodi Songkhao (Wildcard Gym) by points in the Thai boxing round.

Mr. Prinya Manawong, Managing Director of Mavell Corporation Limited, expressed his gratitude for supporting the development of Thai boxing. He appreciated the platform provided for local boxers to improve their skills, aiming for national and global levels.

Yaowapa stated that the competition celebrated diversity and inclusion, allowing people of all genders and ages to participate in combat sports, including Thai boxing, international boxing, MMA, and grappling.

The event received a great response from athletes over one month, creating a lively atmosphere with supporters from both Thailand and abroad. Notably, children and youths attended, showing interest in learning various martial arts. Foreign spectators also showed great interest in the matches, contributing to the development of local Thai boxers and boxing camps in Hua Hin and nearby areas.

The event was broadcast online, promoting Thai boxing on a global scale. The Legend Arena also provided training space for athletes from other provinces to prepare for competitions, offering a competitive platform for Thai boxing, international boxing, and MMA athletes.