Letters to the Editor May 2019

Letters to the Editor September 2018
Letters to the Editor September 2018

Hi. In your March edition i read a letter to the editor titled “What will become of the expat community in Thailand?” I would like to give a different view on the subject. There are expats who fully understand and accept the stringenthed requirements. Firstly, expats should never involve themselves in such issue when they are visitors in a (for them) foreign country. Secondly why should Thailand allow foreigners in their country who cannot bring as little as 800.000 baht to the table?

There are likely some among these who potentially only can be a burden for Thailand.

Kind regards Soren Thyssen Dear Soren

Thank you for getting in touch.

Yes, you make some valid points. Thailand is absolutely well within its rights to update and more rigorously enforce the visa requirements for foreigners. Some may even say that it is well overdue. And according to the Thai government, there is evidence to suggest that some foreigners in Thailand are becoming a burden, particular those who do not have insurance and are unable to pay state hospital bills.

And let’s face it, if someone has not got 800,000 baht in the bank or can show funds of 65,000 baht coming into a Thai bank account each month, then it is no longer financially viable for them to retire in Thailand. Does anybody know what is supposed to be happening along the seafront from the fisherman’s pier to the Hilton? The fisherman’s pier was rebuilt with support from central government and many buildings were nearing completion.

Then they decided to part demolish near complete buildings and the nearly completed and much needed toilet block has been treated the same. Now for over 2 years, the site has been an eyesore. Does anybody take any responsibility for creating this and finding a way to sort it out?

The area from the pier to the Hilton was supposed to be brought back into public use as the land is public land. Furthermore, one can only assume that the beach which has been swallowed up by decking for restaurants and accommodation must also be made accessible to the public. I can understand the dismay of the businesses who are under threat and I for one would suggest leaving the quaint old buildings on the roadside as they are part of the character of Hua Hin.

What is behind said the building should be returned to the public – a nice promenade from the Chinese Temple at the Hilton along to the pier would enhance the HH offering. However, what is happening – anything, nothing that is the delay etc. The Thais are easy going but all too often turn a blind eye, or take a back-hander, to wrongdoings such that they end up with people being displaced from places they should never have been allowed to settle in the first place.

From the editor: Yes, a nice promenade along that stretch of beach would be fantastic. In fact, with some redevelopment, the whole area could become a real focal point of the town. To answer your question, we spoke with business owners in that area and they too were unsure of the what the future holds for that part of town. We then took the issue to the municipality, and were granted a meeting with the mayor, who was able to clarify the situation to us, full details of which will be in our next issue, so look out for that!.

……………………………………. Hello 1155 is the call centre number of the Tourist Police in Thailand. It is the number listed on their official website: https://touristpolice.go.th/en/ Alternatively, you can contact the

Tourist Police by email 1155@touristpolice.go.th or via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1155TPB/ During the busiest time i Thailand the only englishspeaking police take vacation.

Every police force around the world have duty 24//7 exept the korrupt and lacy tourist police in Hua Hin. Closed 12-14th during Song kran!!! Is it a joke, no its true!!!!

Hello Hakan

It would be surprising to hear that the Tourist Police office in Hua Hin would be closed during Songkran. Our experience with the Tourist Police in Hua Hin and throughout Thailand has been positive. The Tourist Police provide a valuable service to tourists in Thailand and are often better trained to deal with foreigners than the regular police.

Perhaps if you need to contact the police again you could do so via telephone on 1155 or via their website: https://www.facebook.com/1155TPB/