Lewis Hamilton wins Bahrain Grand Prix

Two men stood out, Hamilton and Verstappen in a race of their own. But Hamilton gets it for the controlled manner in which he managed his pace under intense pressure. Photo: Reuters

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton held off Max Verstappen’s Red Bull for victory in an exceptional finish to the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Verstappen actually took the edge from Hamilton with four laps to go but handed the position back he had overtaken by running off the track.

The move – an order from race control – cost the Red Bull driver the victory.

Verstappen never quite got close enough again to challenge Hamilton.

It was a remarkable climax to a fierce and thrilling strategic battle that bodes well for an epic season between the two men.

Verstappen complained over the radio about being ordered by his team to hand the lead back but was told they had no choice.

It was a brutal end to the race for Verstappen, who had taken a dominant pole position and had looked to have pulled off a great comeback for victory.

But both men drove brilliantly, as Mercedes and Red Bull fought a strategic battle for superiority in one of the most gripping races for some time.

Source: BBC Sports