Low-Impact Exercises with High Payoffs

Low-Impact Exercises with High Payoffs
Low-Impact Exercises with High Payoffs

The older we get, the more our bodies change, and it is imperative that we formulate a fitness plan and stick to it. In the past, high-impact activities (running, dancing, contact sports) may have been the norm, but an aging body needs a less forceful pounding, while still raising the heart rate. Enter low-impact workouts, which are typically easier on the body (especially the joints), and can be a great way to get in a heart-pumping workout to keep the heart healthy and to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. So what defines a low-impact exercise? Most experts agree that low impact exercise are motions where one foot stays on the ground at all times. Here are 10 exercises that are perfect for when you’re just getting started, dealing with an injury, or just want to try something new! Walking: Walking is the easiest and most stress-free way to keep moving.

Amp up your walking regime by hitting the hills, adding dumbbells (or weighted ankle or wrist straps) to really get the heart rate up. Elliptical: The elliptical machine puts less stress on our legs than using a treadmill. There is also greater range of motion to keep joints in top shape. Stairmaster: More exciting than a treadmill, a Stairmaster will have you working up a sweat in no time. Don’t like the gym? Then walk to a real staircase near you and climb those steps!

Cycling: Hopping on a bike is a fun way to fit in some low impact exercise, and cycling around Hua Hin one can stick to flat roads, or more challenging hills. Hiking: Another way to spice up a walk is to add some hiking terrain. Just remember to wear proper foot attire, bring a bottle of water, and take your time. Yoga: Yoga is an excellent way to keep the body limber. But don’t be fooled, this low-to-no-impact exercise is a full body workout. Pilates: As with Yoga, this slow-paced exercise may seem like a walk in the park, but with its core strengthening agenda that also increases flexibility, Pilates is no joke. Swimming: Swimming laps is a great low-impact exercise because it works your whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture, and flexibility all at the same time.

Water aerobics: If laps in the pool gets repetitive, try joining an aerobics class in the pool. The resistance from the water really gets the heart pumping. Golf: Swinging a golf club works so many muscles in the upper body. Combine this with walking the course rather than using a golf cart, and you have a great excuse to hit the greens.