Lucca ‘The Illusion of Being A Magician’

Lucca ‘The Illusion of Being A Magician’
Lucca ‘The Illusion of Being A Magician’
Lucca ‘The Illusion of Being A Magician’
Lucca ‘The Illusion of Being A Magician’

Hua Hin Today recently joined guests at the Anantara Hua Hin presentation of ‘Dine With A Magician’. The magician being Austria’s Champion of Mental Magic and the current Vice World Champion, Lucca. This was a fantastic evening which tested our perceptions of reality and astonished the audience.

“Reality is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one.”
Albert Einstein

For example a couple from the audience are seated out of sight from each other and instructed to raise an arm when they feel a tap on the shoulder. Lucca then lightly taps one, but simultaneously both raise an arm. There’s a moment of stunned silence before applause. How did that happen, no idea! Part of the beauty of great magic is in the not knowing, the willingness to accept the illusion, the joy of being fooled. Some days later we were able to arrange a ‘personal audience’ with Lucca, not to see more of his magic but to understand more of the person behind the performance.

First Lucca is eager to dispel any suggestion that he posses ‘magical powers’ of the supernatural or paranormal kind. He describes himself as a performer playing the part of a magician. Apart from entertainment value, Lucca’s intent is to enhance an acceptance that there are wonders and illusions present in everyday life experiences. He hopes his audience will ponder these mysteries and accept that the illusions he has presented are a stage version of what can be experienced every day. As a part of NOT being ‘magic’ in the supernatural sense of the word, there is an explanation to Lucca’s illusions but there is no use asking.

He is a Member of the ‘Magic Circle’ (International Magicians’ Guild). The motto of the society is the Latin ‘indocilis privata loqui’, roughly translated as ‘not apt to disclose secrets’. Members give their word not to willfully disclose magic secrets other than to bona fide students of magic. Anyone breaking this rule may be expelled. Members of this exclusive Club include Charles, Prince of Wales and Stephen Fry. Creating and perfecting illusions for Lucca is all consuming. Figuring out how he can perfect a new illusion is never far from his thoughts, although the process is part of his enjoyment apart from amazing an audience. “Magic is the stunning art of surprising your audience, so that nothing else surprises them.” ……Amit Kalantri Lucca realized his passion after venturing into a magic shop looking for one of those buzzers to shock others when shaking hands but left with a trick he perfected to the amazement of his friends.

He hasn’t looked back and is eagerly awaiting the chance to move from Vice Champion to World Champion at the next FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) Conference when he will be competing before his peers. Lucca’s career takes him away from the Austrian winter for around 4 months each year. South East Asia and particularly Thailand have been on the travel agenda for the past 10 years and there are more planned visits. After recent performances at the Anantara Hua Hin he’s off to Bangkok and Phuket for more shows. However chances are that more Hua Hin performances in April will soon be confirmed.

Weddings and other private functions are the most likely bookings; however our Anantara host Khun Pooky also hinted that more dates for Dine with A Magician are ‘on the cards’. Stay in touch to become a part of another highly recommended and amazing experience.

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Footnote: After our conversation we dropped Lucca off at his next appointment, to arrange a new suite from the tailors and yes, there will be some ‘special’ pockets provided! Apparently not designed for deception but to ensure that his ‘props’ can be produced in a seamless way to ensure the performance can be as professional as possible.