Lumpini ParkBeach Cha-Am Launched

Lumpini ParkBeach Cha-Am Launched
Lumpini ParkBeach Cha-Am Launched
Lumpini ParkBeach Cha-Am Launched
Lumpini ParkBeach Cha-Am Launched

The stretch of land extending from the Cha-Am beach front to Chao Lai Road and beyond is the site of a major project by the LPN Development Public Company Limited. The project is rapidly taking shape and destined to transform the southern end of the beach.

On February 7th, the Lumpini Park Beach condominium was officially placed ‘on the market’ and hundreds of prospect buyers flocked to the gala event. Reports suggest that 70% of the units were sold, demonstrating the strong demand for condominiums in prime locations with ready beach access. This is a location where residents have an easy stroll to the best Cha-Am has to offer. Apart from the ocean literally across the road, restaurants, shopping and entertainment are also on the doorstep.

Lumpini ParkBeach Cha-Am Launched Many regional projects are effectively isolated, with residents needing some form of motorised transport to reach the ‘outside world’. At Lumpini Park Beach it’s all within reach. Recognising the impact this project will have on Cha-Am, the event was attended by the Cha-Am Mayor and the Petchaburi Governor, as well as Company executives and other VIPs. In the future, the development will extend to the inland side of Chao Lai Road and include convenience stores and a multistory condominium. The Lumpini Park Beach project must be rated as one of the region’s most significant residential developments, recognising ChaAm as a five star holiday destination.

Some Details:
• Ten four-storey buildings with 400 units. • Two types of units. Either 28 to 49.50 sq. m. size, single bedroom or 57 to 76.50 sq. m. size, with two bedrooms.
• Facilities include a children’s playground, a swimming pool, a sauna, living library and a fitness centre.
• Starting prices of Bt1.9 million per unit; 67,000 THB per square metre.
• Environmentally-friendly design including the use of non-toxic materials, a special parking area reserved for hybrid cars, garbage recycled and reused and waste water to undergo a process to reuse for watering plants inside the project area.
• Completion is scheduled for mid 2016. For more information, contact LPN Call Centre at tel. 02 689 6888 or the selling office (on site) at tel. 032 470 773 or visit the official website at