Makro Supermarket soon to open in Hua Hin

Makro Supermarket soon to open in Hua Hin
Makro Supermarket soon to open in Hua Hin

Makro is a (originally) Dutch chain of Warehouse clubs, also called cash and carries. The first one opened in 1968 in Amsterdam. In the following years more stores opened in the Netherlands and in several other countries within Europe. In the 1970s and 1980s Makro extended its business to the Americas and Asia. Makro later closed its North American sites, however. The stores are not open to the general public, only to businesses which must be registered members in order to gain entry to the store.

The principle business of Siam Makro Public Company Limited (“the Company”) is the operation of membership based Cash and Carry Trade Centres, registered under the name of “Makro”, throughout Thailand.

The Company was established in May 1988 and its shares were listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in August 1994 with a total registered share capital of 240 million shares and has par value of Baht 10 each fully paid-up. As at the end of 2009, there are 48 Makro stores of varying sizes, 9 stores are located within the Greater Bangkok area and 39 stores are in the provinces. Each store is ideally positioned geographically to be easily accessible by all its customers. Every store offers a product range and assortment designed specifically for their members’ needs and expectations.

With a large registered member base distributed all over the country, the Company continues to successfully operate its principle business of providing solution to a multitude of Clientele operating in a wide range of industries. The main focus being small to medium size businesses, predominantly small retailers, HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering), institutions, professional customers and also the service sectors.

The Company has one 99.9% owned subsidiary company, Siam Food Services Limited (“SFS”). SFS is a leading provider of premium food products, value-added services and logistic services to the hospitality and food service industry nation-wide. It specialises in supplying highly specific frozen and chilled meat, seafood, poultry, seasonings, etc. SFS currently operates from 4 locations; Bangkok, Pattaya, Ko Samui and Phuket.
The store will be located lightly North of the Hua Hin airport and expected to open in December 2011.