Malaysia coast guard busts methamphetamine shipment record

Photo: New Strait Times

Malaysia’s coast guard made its largest bust, capturing more than 2 tonnes of crystal methamphetamine that was hidden in packets of Chinese tea. 

The shipment of illegal drugs worth 789 million baht, is part of a large-scale drug business across Southeast Asia, and Australia.

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency director-general says the coast guard noticed a boat moving suspiciously off Penang island.

The coast guard followed the boat which turned into a pursuit when the 26-year-old Malaysian driver the only person on the boat resisted to stop.

The driver jumped off the boat. The coast guard later found the man and arrested him. There is a mandatory death penalty for convicted drug traffickers in Malaysia.

The coast guard says they found 2.12 tonnes of crystal methamphetamine hidden in packets of Chinese tea the largest bust in the maritime agency’s 15-year history.

Officials are still investigating where the drugs were shipped from but evidence suggests it came from Myanmar because of the writing on the packaging.

There is a high possibility that the crystal methamphetamine was smuggled from Myanmar’s Golden Triangle.