Many Tourists Expected to visit the Sea Ooze Festival in Baan Laem – Petchaburi


The 2nd Sea Ooze Festival will take place at the Baan Laem Municipal Office, Petchaburi, from the 6th to 8th of May 2011 with many fun activities.

More information on the event were announced by the Petchaburi Governor Mr. Chai Panitpornpan at a press conference at the Baan Laem Municipal Office on 21 April.

Baan Laem is a coastal plain on the Gulf of Thailand . Stretching 32 kilometers from Baang Tabun to Laem Phak Bia sub-districts in Petchaburi Province. It serves as one of the most important seafood resources of Petchaburi thanks to the biggest salt farm and many mussel and cockle farms. The area is also famous for its coastal eco-tourism.

To boost the tourism capacity of Baan Laem systematically, the 2nd Sea Ooze Festival is held in close cooperation with the Baan Laem Municipal Office, the Baan Laem District Office, the Local Administration Office, private organizations as well as the civil society. This year’s highlights include exhibits in governmental and local administrative offices, photo displays, a cockle picking race,Sea Ooze boxing at the Thab Thim Thong restaurant, a race of salt-farm rollers, performances of students from local schools in Baan Laem and a beauty contest of little miss Baan Laem. There are concerts of famous singers, such as Nam Wan and Piyathida, together with a comedy show from Dee Super Don. Visitors can buy OTOP goods at the event, too.

During the festival, there will be a tram to the Wat Khao Takrao Buddhist monastery, Wat Nai Klang, which is famous for its teakwood sermon hall of King Taksin, Wat Ton Son and the mangrove forest.

More information on the 2nd Sea Ooze Festival in Baan Laem can be obtained at the Baan Laem District Office at tel. 032 481 168 or the Baan Laem Municipality at tel. 032 772 095-7 from Monday to Friday during office hours.

by Malila