Meet John Wither, Banyan’s Teaching Pro

Meet John Wither, Banyan’s Teaching Pro
Meet John Wither, Banyan’s Teaching Pro

One very recent referee for Banyan’s teaching professional John Wither is Wolmer Murillo, winner of the MENA Tour event, the Mountain Creek Open, before taking second place at May’s MahaSamutr Masters.

“I have been really working hard with on my game with John and made a couple of swing changes.” said the 35-year-old Venezuelan. “It’s given me a whole new level of confidence in my game.” John is a regular contributor with his Golf Tips in Hua Hin Today. Our feedback leaves no doubt that his Tips really hit the mark with golfers looking for straightforward and easy to follow pointers. They don’t result in the fatal flaw of trying to make adjustments part-way through the swing.

That’s one way you’re likely to produce a mortifying shank! For John the shank is probably to hardest problem it fix, he says; ”the slice or snap hooks are easy to fix, that’s in the swing, but a shank is in the mind.” John started his professional golfing career at St Pierre Golf and Country club, Chepstow, Wales in 1989. In 1993 he started his playing days and 1995 saw him competing in the British Open and as the winner of The Autumn Classic in Scotland. In the following year he was the Coca Cola China Open Champion, Volvo China Order of Merit winner and semi-finalist Volvo Asian Match play Championship.

From 1997 until 2005 he was Director of Golf at Golf and Land Hotel, Balmer See in Germany and then he became a playing member of the Asian Tour. John has a teaching approach which aims to get beginners out on the course after three lessons. New starters need confidence to play the game and that will be the impact of his instructions; no fuss, no confusion, so no shanks. Check out John’s contact details (below) then like Wolmer Murillo, you can become a winner! ‘John Wither, Banyan’s teaching Pro’ The Banyan Team, (from the left) John Wither, Golf Ambassador Wolmer Murillo, Director of Golf Operations, Stuart Daly and General Manager Stacey Walton.