Mellow Manuel GM at the Putahracsa

Mellow Manuel GM at the Putahracsa
Mellow Manuel GM at the Putahracsa

‘Mellow’ is a word which Manuel Lang uses to describe his attitude towards recreation and his lifestyle in Hua Hin but is also an apt description of the General Manager of the Putahracsa in every sense.

We recently met Manuel towards the end of his first two year tenure as GM, but he was very eager to reassure us and the patrons of the Putahracsa that he has just ‘signed up’ for a second two year contract and looking forward to a continuing relationship with the resort and the broader Hua Hin community.

Manuel began his involvement in the hospitality industry through work experience as a young 16 year old when he was encouraged to be more than just a spectator by his ‘supervisor’. He noticed how much she was enjoying her chosen profession (“she was always smiling”) and he could see the potential for his own future.

He also mentioned another ‘mentor’ who showed him some of the finer things in life without compromise to the detail. A Bachelor of Arts in hospitality followed at WIHOGA Dortmund (Germany), one of the most innovative hospitality management schools in Germany. After local employment in the Food and Beverage in Europe, he moved on to similar positions and then hotel Management in New York, Japan and a variety of Thailand locations. Purely by coincidence, Manuel had previously chosen to stay at the Putahracsa as a guest visiting Hua Hin before being offered his current position.

For him that made acceptance easy, he already knew he would enjoy the ambience of both the workplace and Hua Hin as a home. He says he is still surprised that after considering himself a big city dweller (New York or Tokyo) that Hua Hin offers him all he needs and more. This includes the dining options and other opportunities to ‘mellow out’. Apart from enjoying the five star options, he can visit the gym, take a walk on the beach and basically life is good.


Manuel has a passion for good wine; he’s been a sommelier earlier in his career. His preferences are for Sauvignon Blanc (maybe from New Zealand) or a German Riesling. Eating Out or Socialising? Maybe the Rooftop bar at Cape Nidhra as a ‘chill out’ venue with expansive views or the Baan Issara for great Thai cuisine. The Hua Hin vineyard experience is also a recommendation to enquiring guests. Returning guests who have enjoyed their experiences at Putahracsa are important to Manuel. His very personal approach to them during their stay and responses to their online compliments may be one of the reasons for their frequent returns!


The low season may be a chance for him and the staff to recharge their batteries, but it’s maybe just too quiet and doesn’t stretch his personal drive. An arrogant or disdainful approach towards Thai culture and the community is a real no no!


Manuel still describes himself as a visitor in Thailand but increasing it is becoming his preferred home. Returning to Cologne in Germany provokes ‘goose bump’ moments especially childhood memories of the famous Cologne Cathedral, but these days homeland visits are infrequent. Manuel Lang may be considered as a quiet achiever on the Hua Hin hospitality scene. ‘Mellow Manuel’ doesn’t mean complacent but thoughtful with attention to detail in a boutique environment is available to everyone who has the chance to enjoy his hospitality.