Mike Verdrengh – A Flemish Entertainment Celebrity In Hua Hin

Mike Verdrengh – A Flemish Entertainment Celebrity In Hua Hin
Mike Verdrengh – A Flemish Entertainment Celebrity In Hua Hin

With a career spanning the roles of a DJ, quiz presenter, TV talk show host, actor and director;
it’s no wonder that Mike Verdrengh is a household name in Belgium.

He has also been Chairman of the Flemish Television Academy and credited with the establishment of TV station VTM. His latest project has been to play the part of ‘The General’ in an epic musical set on the WW1 western battle front of Flanders. “Mike’s appearances alone exude power and authority. He is a strong actor with a special charisma, in fact he has, all his life, been a great General.” Jo De Meyere (colleague and longstanding Belgian Actor/Director) Mike’s been coming to Thailand for over half his 70 year lifetime’; gravitating towards Hua Hin as a ‘home away from home’ ten years ago.

He makes the Centara Villas his base, including for golf and he relishes the time he is able to spend amongst Thai culture and the Hua Hin ambience. Mike describes the Thai people and culture as sophisticated and resilient. Sophisticated is also a description he uses for Thai food. With Belgian cuisine being amongst the most respected in the world, this is something he has appreciated over the years; “don’t think that it’s simple or unrefined”. Hua Hin continues to attract more than a fair share of celebrities. Whether they are sporting stars, entertainment icons or leaders in a multitude of other professions, Hua Hin provides an environment which suits their needs. Of course the natural attractions and an escape from the European winter comes into play, but there is more to it than that. Many of these personalities really enjoy time away from the limelight, including media attention.

Being introduced to Mike, but uneasy about disturbing that anonymity presented a dilemma. But for Mike talking to Hua Hin Today was no chore; it’s just a part of his lifestyle. Accordingly we had a relaxed, easy conversation with anecdotes a-plenty and shared insights into the world of entertainment (he’s a frequent Hollywood visitor) and the culture of his home country, apart from his appreciation of the local scene. One of Mike’s observations is about how Hua Hin has become an attraction to those who have reached the stage in their lives when they need safeguards in case they encounter health problems.

He has travelled to many other places where there cannot be that level of confidence. A high standard of health care is just another reason why Hua Hin attracts the ‘grey haired’ generations. Several days after our discussion, Mike was off to Dubai, then who knows where. He has no plans to retire from involvement in the diversity of his entertainment projects. Mike says; “there will always be someone writing a story”. We guess this means there will also need to be someone to tell that story and he’s a great story teller!