Miss Mexico’s photo shoot creates controversy

Mexican beauty queen Angela Yuriar making a controversial pose alongside a Buddha image during her photo shoot before coming to Thailand. (Image: Daily News)

The upcoming Miss Grand International beauty pageant has not even started and is already stirring up controversy.

Mixed opinion and gossips is brewing amongst the media following the Mexican contestant posing in her swim suit alongside a Buddha image.

The pictures were taken at a pool side before she came to Thailand. She immediately switched her Instagram account to private.

The photos appeared on “Berng Nang Ngam” (gaze at beauty queens) site on Facebook that is promoting the upcoming Miss Grand International 2020 to be held at Show DC Hall in central Bangkok on March 27th.

A post in the picture said that the Mexican beauty probably had no idea the seriousness of the offense in a Buddhist country like Thailand, and how it might affect her career, but would likely make a public apology and give an explanation.

Source: ThaiVisa