More Plants to Make Cha-Am More Lively by ‘Fa Sai’

More Plants to Make Cha-Am More Lively by ‘Fa Sai’
More Plants to Make Cha-Am More Lively by ‘Fa Sai’

Over 220 members of the ‘Fa Sai’ environmental group have recently grown beautiful plants on Cha-Am beaches to make the city more beautiful and lively and raise awareness among local people and tourists on environmental conservation.

Taking place on 14 September at the southern part of Cha-Am beach, this activity, carried out as a part of the project, “Cha-Am: Lively City”, was presided over by the Cha-Am Mayor Mr. Nukul Pornsomboonsiri.
In this activity, small plants will be grown at the foot of pine trees along the beach, making the area more beautiful and attractive.

Following the report made by the Cha-Am Municipality Deputy and the activity leader Mr. Amnart Witthaya, the ‘Fa Sai Cha-Am Suai’ (literally, ‘Clear Sky in Beautiful Cha- Am environmental group was formed by leaders of civil society groups, academics and governmental staff who have mobilized the development work for Cha-Am in a constant and sustainable way since 2006. Their knowledge and experience on social work is extended and obtained from participating in field trips, trainings and relevant activities.

Realizing that the Cha-Am beach is one of the most beautiful and most famous for Thai and foreign tourists, the ‘Fa Sai’ members has worked with owners of beachside camp beds in Cha-Am to launch this activity to raise awareness on environmental conservation and improve the area of the southern part of Cha-Am beach.Also promotes cooperation from good relations between local people and governmental officers and participation of all concerned agencies in terms of taking care of Cha-Am in a sustainable way.

The activity, funded by the Cha- Am Municipal Health Insurance Funding Division, sees 220 participants from the ‘Fa Sai’ group, the local fisher group, the owners of beachside camp beds and the network on Cha-Am: Lively City project. The Cha- Am Municipality is responsible for providing plants to grow. Leaflets on environmental threat and how to protect the world from it are distributed by the Division of Health and Environmental Effect Assessment of the Department of Health. Logistic matters are under responsibility of the Niphon Resort Hotel, Saha Kham and Nong Jaeng communities.
The Cha-Am Mayor, very pleased to attend the activity, said that he appreciated dedication of ‘Fa Sai’ group and people who worked hard to make Cha-Am a lively city.

He added that taking care of the beach and retaining its charm will impress visitors so much that they will keep coming back. This will improve overall economic situation in the city as well. “This activity responds to the Cha-Am municipal policy that aims to internationalize the standard of the city’s tourist attractions under cooperation of several agencies concerned,” said the Mayor.
“Since sustainable development would be impossible without everybody working together. I’d like to thank in advance the owners of beachside camp beds and members of the Saha Kham and Nong Jaeng communities who will take care of all the plants in the future.”