Municipal Members Drill Executives

Municipal Members Drill Executives
Municipal Members Drill Executives

The 2nd special meeting of Hua Hin Municipal Council took place last month at Hua Hin Municipality. Attended by Hua Hin Municipal Council Chairman Mr. Santhad Suksri, Hua Hin Mayor Mr. Nooprn Wutthikul, Hua Hin Deputy Mayor and Advisors Mrs. Bussaba Choksuchart, Mr. Montri Chuphu and Mrs. Phailin Kongphan as well as 18 Municipal Council members, the meeting consisted of 12 major agendas, among which were proposal of drafted municipal acts on additional expenses and drafted municipal acts on expenses and budget of 2013. Another issue of discussion at the meeting was a case in which Wat Tham Khao Tao Buddhist monastery asked for permission to use 25 Rai forest areas for the benefit of Buddhism.

Maj. Chalerm Detchom, on behalf of the temple, has made this request for 3 times. This issue was seriously discussed by 4 Municipal Council members because they did not want any resorts to be constructed for business purposed and would like users of the areas to take care of the forest in terms of environmental conservation and eco-tourism. Moreover, they asked the users of the areas not to cause any conflict to local people who live around the temple and, if they want to construct any building, a request for permission from Hua Hin Municipality should be made in advance.

This topic was supported by 14 Municipal Council members whereas 2 of them refused to vote. Mr. U-dom Duangkhae, the Hua Hin Municipal Council member of the area No. 1, informed that he had seen students from Baan Samoh Phrong School joined in a parade with banners read, ‘Mafia Students’, ‘Mafia School’ and ‘Mafia Media’. Such behavior is improper and affects overall images of Hua Hin.

Besides, he reported that some barriers in front of Chatchai Market were damaged. Sec. Lt. Sudyod Eamsamang, the Hua Hin Municipal Council member of the area No. 3, said that the Khao Tao village needed a fire sub-station for dealing with emergency cases fester. Moreover, there are some mistakes on road and village signs as the word, ‘Takiab’, was added before the name of the village.

This confuses visitors who come to the area. Capt. Lamyong Sangpherm, the Hua Hin Municipal Council member of the area No. 1, said that a signboard with information on construction periods, budget and project title needs to be installed for road pavement in Hua Hin so that local people are well informed. Pol. Sen. Sgt. Maj. Saneh Onlamai, the Hua Hin Municipal Council member of the area No. 1, said that local people in his area needed flags symbolizing national holidays and Thai flags to place at buildings as well as sport equipment.

Finally, Mr. Cheep Suksi, the Hua Hin Municipal Council member of the area No. 3, informed that the Hua Hin night market had too high footpaths which were not convenient for the disabled and some visitors. Public lights are inadequate while garbage there was too much, especially at night. Moreover, Hua Hin municipal officers should take care of some tourist spots, particularly Wat Khao Takiab Buddhist monastery of which the entrance is very narrow and the Saphan Kao route (Ton Makha) in Khao Takiab which is now being taken by some local people for business purposes.