Municipality to Launch “Senior” University

Municipality to Launch “Senior” University
Municipality to Launch “Senior” University

The Social Welfare Division of Hua Hin Municipality is to launch a “Senior” University, where Thai and foreign senior people take part in exercise and physical therapy together to enhance psychological and physical health. “Witayalai Wai Wan” is the Thai wording for this style of university, however a direct translation would be “Sweet University”, not really what it should suggest in English. Mrs. Rampha Chamlongrat, the director of the Social Welfare Division, said the Mayor of Hua Hin Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul has a policy to promote quality of life amongst seniors in the city.

The “Senior” University is established to offer courses and activities where the participants learn and understand each other, narrate past experiences including failure and success in life, study about legal affairs, traffic, how to take care of themselves, cooking, local traditional performances, handicrafts and Buddhist chanting.

All the courses will be conducted by qualified teachers, trainers, legal experts, academics and police officers. It will encourage the participants to use free time wisely to improve themselves and their community. Doing so will make the seniors happier, and solve social problems that may occur to or may be caused by old people. The “Senior” University will be open from September to December once a week.

The theoretical study will take place at Naresdamri Meeting Room with other activities at the Ban Nong Kae Community. Around 150 participants are expected. Those interested in joining the project can complete an application with their ID and photos at the Social Welfare Division. Foreigners are also welcome. After the course, a certificate will be presented to every participant. All expenses, including meals will be met by the Hua Hin Municipality.