Myanmar foreign minister visits Thailand to seek peace

PHOTO: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

To seek a peaceful solution in Myanmar after the country’s military seized power, foreign ministers of Indonesia and Thailand met with the new, military-appointed foreign minister of Myanmar Wunna Lwinat at Bangkok’s Don Mueng Airport for a 20-minute discussion.

Both the Indonesian and Thai counterparts say they want peace but the Indonesian foreign minister says Thailand has a “special position” to play because of its proximity to Myanmar and the number of Burmese nationals in Thailand.

The Thai-Myanmar land border is 2,400 kilometres long. There are around 2 million Burmese people who live in Thailand.

Aung San Suu Kyi, who won the election for state counsellor in a landslide and also served as the foreign minister, there have been daily protests in Myanmar.

A strike on Monday shut a number of businesses.

Burmese nationals living in Thailand have even held demonstrations in Bangkok.

Some rallied outside the US Embassy in Bangkok, calling on the American government to step in.

At a press conference in Jakarta, Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said she asked her Myanmar counterpart to “prioritise the safety and wellbeing” of the people.

Indonesia has been pushing for a special ASEAN foreign ministerial session to discuss the Myanmar situation. Thai and Indonesian foreign ministers also discussed potentially holding an informal ASEAN meeting in August.

Source: The Thaiger