New advertising agency in Hua Hin


New advertising agency in Hua Hin
New advertising agency in Hua Hin
Real Advertising & Communication is the name of the new company. It is located just opposite the 7 Eleven in Khao Takiab.
Inside, in the fresh and modern office, we meet the two owners, Khun Einar and Khun Fai.
“The idea of establishing an advertising agency in Hua Hin, came when we were looking for professional help to produce a brochure” says Einar. “We asked around and we were told that we had to go to Bangkok”. “The agencies we found in Bangkok were expensive and we were not really impressed with what they showed us. Khun Fai is educated as a graphic designer and has worked with packaging design, branding projects and other kind of related communication tools. Myself I have my background from one of the big American advertising agencies. The decision of starting up our own advertising agency was easy. ”
“I must say we have had very good response so far, even if we have been modest in our advertising” says Fai. “Most of our clients come from Scandinavia and we are very proud of what we have done for them. The feedback has been very motivating”.
“Now we need more people urgently. If you know any skilled, positive and enthusiastic graphic designer and/or a clever web programmer, please let us know” says Einar with a smile.
Real Advertising & Communication, 1/150 Takiab Rd,, phone 08570 47231