New app for consumers


Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) has launched its application OCPB Connect to offer easier online access to consumer protection. The aim is to enhance the experience of consumers to make sure that their comments, complaints and suggestions will be on record and, importantly, that their consumer protection issues can be resolved.

The new OCPB Connect app provides consumers with four services:

  1. Consumer protection information Consumers are reminded to be cautious before purchasing products and services. Information, news, advice and alerts are given about products, services and memberships. Warnings can be posted about defective goods and services.

2. Tracking complaints against businesses and services that consumers had previously reported. Consumers themselves can follow up the outcome of their complaints through this app with prompt notifications.

3. Display consumer complaint statistics and monitor consumer protection record. This service analyses consumer protection problems and issues being worked on by the Board. Data accumulated here helps OCPB monitor the effective of its consumer protection work.

  1. Checking business operator’s licenses and registrations. Consumers can verify business operators’ licenses and registrations for themselves.

There is also a handy “Pok Pong” chat service that responds to consumer inquiries 24 hours a day. The OCPB Connect app is free to be downloaded for both iOS and Android platforms.

For more information, please contact the OCPB hotline: 1166 or browse: www.ocpb.

Reported by: Visa Chimdee | Hua Hin Today