New premier international sports high school to open at True Arena Hua Hin Sports Club


A new international standard high school with a focus on sports will open in Hua Hin later this year.

The Junior Asian Sports Academy (JASA) is set to open its doors at True Arena Hua Hin Sports Club to students from September.

This premier international sports high school will provide a unique opportunity for students to receive a world-class education while simultaneously developing their athletic abilities.

JASA has partnered with Canada’s Northern Pre-University (NPU) to offer a Tier 1 premier international education. The school will deliver blended learning, combining remote and classroom-based instruction under the leadership of Dr. Cell Dilon, the Head of School. Dr. Dilon, who also serves as the Executive Director and University Head of Stamford University, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to JASA.

The NPU structure for learning is designed to personalize academic course choices and provide flexibility in time management.

This approach allows students to pursue their academic goals while dedicating sufficient time to their sporting passions and requirements.

As a result, students can build a strong foundation to pursue their sports ambitions without sacrificing their education. The blended learning environment will be administered and complemented by local teachers in the classroom, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

JASA will offer specialized programs in tennis, football, swimming, golf, and multi-sports.

Students will have the opportunity to train and compete in their chosen sport while receiving guidance from experienced coaches and instructors. The school’s location at True Arena Hua Hin Sports Club provides state-of-the-art facilities and a world class environment for athletic development.

Admissions for September 2023 are now open, giving prospective students the chance to join this first of its kind educational institution in Thailand.

An Open House is being held on June 3, 2023, at True Arena Hua Hin Sports Club, from 9 am to 12 pm, to provide parents and students with an opportunity to learn more about JASA and its offerings.

To attend the Open House, interested individuals can register at

Additionally, mentioning ‘Hua Hin Today’ to JASA administrators will entitle parents to a discount of up to 50,000 THB on tuition fees (terms and conditions apply).

JASA’s opening heralds a new era in sports-focused education not only in Hua Hin but in Thailand.

With its premier international curriculum, experienced staff, and first class facilities, the school is poised to become a leading destination for students who aspire to excel in both academics and sports.