Noble Development announced a plan to launch at least three new high end condominium projects in the first half of 2013 with a total value of over Bt7 billion on Bangkok’s CBD – Ratchadapisek, Thong Lor and Sukhumvit. Noble Ploenchit Project has also made impressive progress with good sales and completion scheduled in four years. Positive trend in Thai property market is expected next year. Kitti Thanakitamnuay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Noble Development Public Company Limited, said, “Next year, Noble Development will continue to build our business based on our expertise in developing high-quality condominiums with inspiring design in Bangkok’s CBD. Our main focuses in 2013 will be on two areas. Firstly, we will accelerate construction and sales for Noble Ploenchit luxury condominium project. Secondly, we will launch at least three new projects in the best locations in Bangkok CBD close to the BTS line. We are strongly confident that all the projects will receive warm welcome from the market.” Noble Ploenchit Progress, “Noble Ploenchit”, with its huge project value of Bt15 billion, is one of Noble Development’s pride.

The project comprises several “bests” – the best location near Ploenchit BTS station, best size covering 9 rai area including 4 rai of green area in the project with the best Noble design, which is the best investment choice for customers. With such rare qualities and features, the project has already achieved very good response from the market. The construction has already been commenced and is scheduled for completion in four years. 2012 strong business performance, In 2012, Noble Development has achieved Bt3 billion sales with Bt12 billion backlog which will be gradually recognized in the next 1-4 years.

Thanks to the company’s strong financial outlook, Noble is confident in long-term growth. “We will continue to grow our business with focus on developing high-end residential projects, both in Luxury High End and Affordable High End segments. Although it is quite difficult to find good locations in Bangkok, that’s not a problem to us. We will continue to be committed to offering only the best to our customers,” said Kitti. At least three new quality projects,Following a series of new project launches with total value of Bt2.5 billion in 2012, Noble plans to make a more aggressive move with at least three new projects in the first half of 2013. With a total investment of Bt7 billion, the new projects will represent 200 per cent growth. Located in Ratchadapisek, Thong Lor and Sukhumvit areas, the three new projects are in Bangkok’s best locations. Quality will remain at the heart of the new projects.

Despite their different sizes to accommodate different financial needs of customers, all projects are guaranteed of high quality in terms of locations, design, materials, environmental friendliness and worth for investment. In the second half of the year, Noble is considering acquiring more plots for new projects to be launched before the end of 2013. Positive trend in property market, According to Kitti, Thai property market continues to have strong outlook, especially when considering investment potential.

At present, Thai economy is in the “negative interest” stage where interest rate is relative low while inflation is on the rise. In this situation, investment in property projects, both for living and long-term investment, is considered the most efficient and secured profitable way of savings. “The AEC integration in 2015 will also encourage free flow of investment and money. That means greater opportunities for business operators to enter into high potential cities, especially those which are gateway to our neighboring countries, and in neighboring countries. Noble sees this potential and is studying possibility for this plan,” said Kitti.