Nok Murphy: General Manager of Banyan The Resort and Passionate about Hospitality!

General Manager of Banyan The Resort and Passionate about Hospitality!
General Manager of Banyan The Resort and Passionate about Hospitality!
General Manager of Banyan The Resort and Passionate about Hospitality!
General Manager of Banyan The Resort and Passionate about Hospitality!


I graduated (MBA) Hospitality Management from London and I thought that the marketing was the area where you learn about money. But if I make money I must make it with something and I said I love hospitality. I love service. My first job was as a Restaurant Manager in fine dining. Then I ended up being General Manager with a fine dining restaurant in the biggest fine dining restaurant in the UK. I was sent to join Gordon Ramsey, on Channel 4 “Kitchen Nightmare” customer voted. I was extremely popular during that time and since then my restaurants become known by the program.

How did you come to Hua Hin”?

My mother is 86 years old and I wanted to look after her. I chose Hua Hin because is a nice place with nice people and it is close to my hometown. My first job was at the Centara, my favorite my ideal property in service, everything is there. Centara gave me a very good opportunity as an assistant food and beverage manager. But then I had a very good offer from Banyan for the food and beverage manager in a very short time I became the General Manager of the place.

Do you have a Mentor in life?

The person that I trust very much and that touches me is Mr. Alan Yau. Not many people know him but he is very successful businessman. Now he is Managing Director of the Busaba Eat Thailand in London. What I admire it that even if he is in a very high position he still looks after every single staff member; he is passionate about his guests, they work as a team, family style, but the staff work the best they can. What I learnt from him is “listen to the staff before you judge anything. Before you go very high level you should know it all at the elementary level”.

What are your core values and vision in your business?

Personal touches. If we actually listen to our customer we will keep having returning guests. To grow up the business in the right way and make everyone happy. I am very passionate about the hospitality industry when I see people being served and satisfied.

How do you see Hua Hin Developing?

Hua Hin is developing in the right way and so fast. Local people appreciate the international way; together we will build more jobs for the people. I see everything is positive and we can help each other in co promotion and get something good out of this.

Tell me 3 words about yourself.

High expectation Honesty in words and promises to make it happen. Passionate about hospitality.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration is London. London has the biggest hospitality industry in the world. I want to bring the hospitality, standards and fun here to Banyan.

What rules do you have in your life?

Timing, honesty and respect. Respect all the staff that work for me.

What do you want to achieve the next 5 years?

To build up our loyalty guest and create second home warmly welcome to Hua Hin Thailand. A Trip advisor score of up to 9.5. I would also like to increase the number of returning guests.

What do you love about Hua Hin?

I love the local people and the food. Women’s Club The women’s club is working a lot for charity and for me business has to go together with the environment. We take a lot from the world so we have to return it back to the world.

What is your Resolution for 2015?

Gear up in terms of revenue, events, hospitality, and guest profile! I enjoy work and Banyan is my baby; I will put all my love into it. But of course work and family has to go together.

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