Officials tracking down foreigners with fake IDs


The Department of Special Investigation is investigating 255 foreigners who are allegedly in possession of fake Thai IDs in the Wiang Kaen district of Chaing Rai. 

The report also claims that they were operating illegal businesses.

One of the suspects is Chinese but carried a Thai ID saying he was a Thai citizen “Apao Saesoen”.

The man later registered a company to run a business reserved for Thai citizen.

The DSI believe the issuing of fake Thai IDs could affect national security.

The Chinese man is now being tracked down after the issue of an arrest warrant.

The DSI director-general says his department is collaborating with the local department of Provincial Administration as they track down the sources of the fake documents and IDs.

Furthermore, the investigation is concentrated in the Wiang Kaen district, on the Laos border.

The provincial office is trying to find and revoke Thai ID cards earlier issued for 50 foreigners.

7 of them had already set up alleged fake Thai companies.

Recent crackdowns have pushed the lucrative market underground although fake documentation remains a popular business in Thailand.

Khao San Road was a hive of fake documentation until a crackdown in 2018 forced most of the illegal vendors off the streets.

Source: The Thaiger