Oh Valentine’s Day!!!

Oh Valentine’s Day!!!
Oh Valentine’s Day!!!
Oh Valentine’s Day!!!
Oh Valentine’s Day!!!

Gift For Couples Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and we have some ideas to get you ready! I have never been a fan of this commercial event… It put way too much pressure on men, Restaurants are raising up their prices for the occasion, and when you think Christmas was not so long ago. I really feel it is unnecessary to spend more money. So below, I will be sharing with you my cheap & Unisex gift Ideas:


I Absolutely LOVE this idea! Take pictures of yourself forming a heart shape and print it out, put it in frame and offer it to your beloved one.


Two interesting booths caught my eyes while I was doing my Christmas shopping couple of months ago. The first one is making Key Holders in leather and you can customise them with love messages or initials, or anything that might cross your mind! Be creative -less than 200 THB. The other one is to make pieces of jewelry personalised , you can emboss your names, or messages.

If you have COOKING skills:

Bake a cake with the shape of a heart and decorate it as you wish; icing, candies, chocolate…

For bigger purses: THE 5 SENSES GIFTS:

-Taste: buy icecream, yummy chocolates, cakes or candies
-See: get a movie to watch together, make photos of you or drawings, be arty
-Touch: buy massage lotions and soft/ squishy things, sexy lingerie
-Smell: get candles, fragrances, and/or bubbles bath soap
-Hear: a mix-tape, voucher to purchase on I tunes

You can place all items in a basket and start the night cosy and romantic at home.

STARBUCKS are doing a lovely Valentines collection with their Cups. Go and have a look, you might find the perfect His and Hers Morning Mugs.

My CHEAPER option is to get blank ones from the 60Baht shop of the basement of Market Village (Daisoo) and get marker pen to write your love messages…

MASSAGE: Book a couples room in one of those Spa in town and pamper yourself.