Olympic Gold Medal winner in Hua Hin

Olympic Gold Medal winner in Hua Hin
Olympic Gold Medal winner in Hua Hin


Sheila Taormina (born March 18, 1969 in Livonia, Michigan)[1] is an Olympic athlete from the United States, who has competed at four Olympics (1996–2008) and was the first woman to qualify for the Olympics in three different sports (swimming, triathlon and modern pentathlon).[2] At the 1996 Summer Olympics, she earned a gold medal as a member of the winning U.S. team in the women’s 4×200-meter freestyle relay.

At just over 5’2” tall, and not having made her first Olympic team until the age of 27, Sheila Taormina seems At just over 5’2” tall, and not having made her first Olympic team until the age of 27, Sheila Taormina seems an unlikely candidate to have competed at four consecutive summer Olympiads in three completely different sports. Her first two attempts to qualify for the Olympics in swimming (1988 and 1992), came up short, during what were considered her “peak” years. Following those years she moved forward with her education, finishing her Masters degree in Business in 1994, and then began her professional career in the automotive industry that same year, working a full-time salaried position in Detroit.

With her eyes set on the possibilities of 1996, she trained before and after work with her small hometown swim team in Livonia, Michigan. There were no corporate endorsements fueling the effort – just a plan, some hard work, and a coach who believed along with her. Sheila learned about technique, efficiency, and the keys to success. Applying those throughout the years, Sheila grew to become Olympic champion in one sport, world champion in a second sport, and the world cup standings leader in a third sport. Am Amidst these challenges, Sheila set out to shatter the paradigms, and now you have the opportunity to hear her message, one that is filled with laughter, intensity, honesty, passion and compassion.

Learn about the plan that enabled an ordinary person to achieve extraordinary results. Sheila’s keynote presentation to businesses includes explanations of various performance tools and thought processes, including breaking paradigms, applying the Pareto Principle, establishing the keys to success, focusing on the process, managing performance pressures, and more. At school assemblies and other youth organization events Sheila shares insights into the Olympics and behind-the-scene stories from the Games.

She encourages healthy bodies, good posture, and strong minds – revealing the tools that help to manage nerves and deal with disappointment. Her most important message woven throughout the presentation is how to develop the spirit to keep working towards one’s dreams without giving up. Editor´s note: it is seldom that you meet such an inspiring, down to earth , kind and successful person. Sheila is all this and much more , all in one ! Have a great life Sheila. Your inspiration is an example for all of us. Read more about Sheila at www.sheilat.com.