Our Weekend of Big Bikes, Big Cars and Big Hearts

Our Weekend of Big Bikes, Big Cars and Big Hearts
Our Weekend of Big Bikes, Big Cars and Big Hearts

The weekend of 3rd and 4th September was a weekend full of muscle bikes and muscle cars around Hua Hin and Cha-Am.

I love Hua Hin/Strong Together was the overwhelming theme as crowds gathered at the Hua Hin Clock Tower on Saturday evening to continue to show that Hua Hin has recovered from recent tragic events and is moving forward with confidence. Alongside Hua Hin Mayor and other o0fficials the most visible and colorful and sometimes outlandish supporters arrived in American muscle cars and bikes from the past, including some look alike super heros and even the ‘Batmobile.’

This celebration of Hua Hin as a safe and progressive community really brought out another form of camaraderie. Not based on being a biker but being part of a buoyant and optimistic future. The 3-Nation Charity Ride 2016 (3NCR) which saw more than a thousand bikers from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand ride and meet for a purpose in Cha-Am. Apart from the obvious camaraderie which bikers who relish the two-wheel experience on the open road enjoy and the renewal of old friendships, this event had a charity purpose.

The 3NCR has been rolling from strength to strength since 1994 and is organised annually on rotation by one of the four founding clubs – Team 27 of Singapore, Super Biker Club Malaysia, Penang Motor Sports Club, and Team Hanuman Thailand. Some millions of THB have been distributed to welfare homes of the host country due to the charity fund-raising efforts of the riders, clubs and organisers over the years. This year’s 3NCR was organised by Team 27 of Singapore in Cha-Am and marked the 23rd year of the biggest charity ride in Southeast Asia.

The charity beneficiary of the event was the Bannongrong School in the Kao Pra District of Hua Hin. The non-charity highlight was the performance of Thailand’s iconic rock band Carabao, a band which has reached cult status and is now one of the most successful legendary rock groups in the world.