Passenger Vans Are Told to Leave Victory Monument

Passenger Vans Are Told to Leave Victory Monument
Passenger Vans Are Told to Leave Victory Monument

All passenger vans operating from the Victory Monument will be relocated to three bus terminals – Mor Chit, Ekamai and Sai Tai Boromratchachonni by October 25th. The new order to regulate the operations of the passenger vans was agreed upon at a meeting at the headquarters of the 2nd cavalry division led by Colonel Suvit Katesri, deputy commander of the division and chairman of the committee to regulate passenger vans. Also attending the meeting were representatives from transport Companies, Land Transport Department, Bangkok Mass Transit Authority and operators of the vans.

It was agreed that passenger vans would continue to operate in their existing routes but from three separate bus terminals instead of from Victory Monument and its surrounding areas. Passengers using the services of the vans will be notified of the relocation plan through a publicity campaign to be launched in August and September. To facilitate their travel to the three terminals, there will be free shuttle bus services at Victory Monument. Nopparat Karoonyavanich, the vicepresident of one transport company, plans to cut passenger van fees by 20 baht after its vans are relocated.

The lower costs relate to the operators not having to pay expressway fees and the relocation also will result in shorter travel distances for some routes. Mr Nopparat said about 60-70% of the van relocation preparations have been completed. Van parking lots and stations including passenger waiting areas will also be provided. The firm also discussed with the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority a plan to provide shuttle buses from skytrains to the bus terminals for van passengers. All facilities will be ready before the NCPO’s order comes into effect, he said. Currently passenger van services operate between Pranburi, Hua Hin and Cha-Am to the Victory monument in central Bangkok as a popular low-cost transit option between the two locations.