The Patagonian Mara/Alpaca/Flamingo/Ostrich and CAMEL REPUBLIC!


The Camel Republic officially now has camels. On our previous visit the camels were yet to arrive, but now there are five in situ, with more coming soon. Rumour has it that a giraffe will also soon arrive!

However there are some other rather exotic creatures at Cha-Am’s latest attraction. Some you may never have heard of before, let alone seen up close and personal. For example, a family of Patagonian Mara, all the way from Argentina. Something between a very large rabbit and a very small deer. They enjoy the company of humans, do not bite and enjoy their chins/mouths stroked and ears scratched; frequently rolling over on their backs to get a good long tummy rub.

At to that goats, swans, alpacas, finches, parrots, macaws and flamingos and it’s a very usual gathering of creatures from distant corners of the Earth. There are even African ostriches sharing an enclosure with an Australian emu. The camels have been imported from Australia.

This is not at surprising as the country with the biggest population in the wild, something like 750,000 at last count. Mechanical creatures are also there to ride for the thrill seekers loving flying high and finding new ways of losing their lunch. Screams a plenty! We wondered why one of the feature attractions the ‘Sky Flyer’ is placed outside the main entrance and walls. The reason became obvious when the very powerful turbine cranked up, sounding as loud as a small jet engine. This produces an extreme updraft so that the ‘flyers’ sail high above the structure like sky divers after jumping from an aircraft.

The Camel Republic is now really up and running; check out the wildlife and mechanical life soon! Where? – five kilometres north of Cha-Am on the main Bangkok Highway.