Peaceful Stay with in Reach at Hotel de la Paix Cha-Am-Hua Hin

Peaceful Stay with in Reach at Hotêl de la Paix Cha-Am-Hua Hin
Peaceful Stay with in Reach at Hotêl de la Paix Cha-Am-Hua Hin

The Hotêl de la Paix, an international five-star boutique hotel, is now available in Cha-Am and Hua Hin, offering serene but luxurious stay for Thais and foreigners.

Highlighting local tradition and culture of where it is located, the Hotêl de la Paix was once known as “The Hotel Cha-Am” or “Aleela Hotel”. With its present name derived from French literally meaning, “Peace and Serenity” in Thai, the hotel offers all rooms which harmonize its modern design with local nature. Spacious and comfortable, the rooms are surrounded with beautiful plants and trees as air filters and overlook the beautiful beaches of Hua Hin and Cha- Am. Such perfect location and environment make the guests feel like staying in Maldives, said Mr. Nigel Tovey, the hotel’s General Manager.
Apart from the beautiful and close-to-nature design, with 79 rooms and pool villas offers complete facilities: plasma TVs, Wi-Fi, bathroom with rainshower, Jacuzzi and an Indo-China spa shower set. Other amenities include restaurants, swimming pools and meeting halls.

Thai and foreign celebrities, particularly singers, actors and well-known businesspeople from Europe and Scandinavian, are the target group of the hotel. They keep coming back thanks to warm hospitality by well-trained Thai staff and, most importantly, the local annual activities that the hotel organizes, such as Songkran and Loy Krathong.
The hotel’s GM said that the Hotêl de la Paix was located in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. In everywhere it is located; the hotel brings out local culture as a selling point so that guests learn the priceless value of local intellect.

Mr. Tovey also added that, since they were the beautiful and tranquil beachfront cities with convenient location just 2 hours away from Bangkok, Cha-Am and Hua Hin were famous among Thais and foreigners in need of holiday relaxation. Therefore, Thai government has to work closely with local authorities in taking care of local and trans-national businesses and local people’s life. Infrastructure and safety should be put into authorities’ concern on urban development of the two cities as these are the main factors that affect the stay of visitors.

“The current flooding in Thailand has great effect to foreign tourists because news from local media makes them misunderstand about the situation in the country as a whole,” said Mr. Tovey. “Many tourists canceled booking at our hotel because they thought that Thailand didn’t want foreigners to come to the country.”
At present, the hotel business entrepreneurs in Cha-Am and Hua Hin are calling for the help of the local Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to rehabilitate and improve the country after the flood, especially in the areas of Hua Hin and Cha-Am because the cities are still popular among tourists.