Phetchaburi – Vintage Cars Parade in town


From 16 to 18 December 2011, people in Phetchaburi welcomed a lot of vintage cars coming from outside the province to attend the 9th Vintage Car Parade.
Organized by the Sofitel Centara Grand Resort and Villa in collaboration with the Vintage Car Association of Thailand and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the 9th Vintage Car Parade aims to promote tourism in Phetchaburi and conservation of classic and invaluable old cars in Thailand.

This annual event is also a good occasion for local people of Phetchaburi because they will have a chance to see beautiful old cars that can not be seen elsewhere in Thailand. The reason why the 9th Vintage Car Parade takes place in the province every year is because the province was once resided by many kings of the current Chakri dynasty, namely King Rama IV who had the Phanakhorn Khiri or Khao Wang built as his own summer palace, King Chulalongkorn who ordered construction of Phraram Rachaniwes or Ban Puen Palace and King Mongkut who had the Maruekathayawan Teak Mansion built here. The Maruekathayawan Mansion, in particular, is the royal residence made only from teak. Located on the beach in the municipal area of Cha-Am, the Maruekathayawan Teak Mansion encourages outside people, especially the elite of Thailand, to build a home for holiday in the city.

One of the most famous holiday getaways of Thailand, Cha-Am welcomes over 4 millions of tourists all year round – the highest number compared to other beachfront cities in the upper south of Thailand.
Thanks to its convenient location, top-notched accommodations and various tourist attractions, Phetchaburi and Cha-Am offer many recreational activities to visitors. The 9th Vintage Car Parade is also one of those activities highly favored among local people and travelers alike. Not only were the local people impressed with the colorful parade of all classic old cars but the cars’ owners themselves were also happy to pay a visit to Phetchaburi and Cha-Am and take part in activities the event had to offer.