Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore tops new surge in Covid cases

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Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore have the highest rate of new surges of the coronavirus in the past week (

In just 24 hours, Philippines have 1,841 cases being reported, Indonesia has 1,462 whilst Singapore breaks in at 327 new cases. The total figure accumulated as he highest number of new Covid-19 cases in Southeast Asia.

In the Philippines, the numbers have increased since the end of March. Singapore had a similar surge, mostly amongst migrant workers in mid-April, but dropped back to a controllable level, only to see a big jump in new cases this week.

Indonesia’s level of new cases appears to have peaked but gradually dropped recently, although the number of daily deaths continues to rise, it’s an indication that many cases are most likely not being reported.

Thailand’s next door neighbours continue to tackle the virus with minimal new cases throughout the pandemic crisis. Malaysia similarly has seen a constant drop in cases since April and has only a small number of new daily cases being reported in the past month.

Speculation continues how the Southeast Asian nations appear to have an overall success in containing the spread of the virus despite slippery borders and the high amount of local tourism and discounted airline travel between the nations being introduced.

Meanwhile, India and Bangladesh continues to be Central Asia’s most threatening regions with recorded cases of 34,820 in India and 3,034 in Bangladesh in the past 24 hours most likely due to their low-standard of medical care and disorganised containment efforts.

Source: The Thaiger
Photo: Getty Images