Phra Nakorn Khiri-Muang Petch 2011 – Petchaburi Festival

Phra Nakorn Khiri-Muang Petch 2011 – Petchaburi Festival
Phra Nakorn Khiri-Muang Petch 2011 – Petchaburi Festival

The big upcoming festive event of Petchaburi, “Phra Nakorn Khiri-Muang Petch 2011,” will take place between 1 and 11 April at the Phra Nakorn Khiri (a.k.a. Khao Wang for local Thai people), according to the Petchaburi Governor Mr. Chai Panitpornpan.

Held with cooperation of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Central Office, the Petchaburi Red Cross Group and the Royal Diamond Hotel Petchaburi, the 25th Phra Nakorn Khiri-Muang Petch 2011 is an annual event of Petchaburi of which the main aim is to honor the monarchs of the Chakri dynasty, namely King Rama IV, V, VI and the current His Majesty. It will also foster local art and culture while promoting provincial tourism.

This year, the event will have a lot of big activities including the colorful lighting of hand-made paper lamps at all palaces and building on Khao Wang, beautiful fireworks at night, walking trail to admire frangipani planted around Khao Wang, and an exhibit about His Majesty’s self-sufficiency principles. Thai culture enthusiasts will find the chanting of 13 reincarnations of the Lord Buddha, a display of Petchaburi handicrafts, cultural performances from many artists of the Fine Art Department and selling of local and traditional Thai foods and sweets very intriguing. All those activities will be held on top of Khao Wang, said Mr. Chai. At the foot of Khao Wang, there will be a beauty pageant of Petchaburi ladies, a golf tournament, selling of the One-Tambon-One-Product (OTOP) and a fair of the Petchaburi Red Cross Group, added the Petchaburi Governor.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy this mystifying yet awe-inspiring festive event of Petchaburi on the above-mentioned date. For more information, please contact the Information Center at the Petchaburi Provincial Office at tel. 032 428 047, 032 410 505 or the TAT, Petchaburi Office, at tel. 032 471 005-6 and the Hot Line 1672.

By Malila