Plans For the Pranburi Fisheries Association

Trash Hero Hua Hin Takes On Pranburi Forest Park
Trash Hero Hua Hin Takes On Pranburi Forest Park

The Pranburi Fisheries Association has revealed the plans of the new Chairman to recognise the local fishermen and promote Pranburi as a city of traditional tourism.. After taking the post of Chairman of the Pranburi Fisheries Association, Mr. Atichart Chaisri said that the Association’s building has been renovated and re-opened in April, 2016. After the opening ceremony, Mr. Atichart announced that he would encourage local people in Pranburi to recognise 300 local fishermen so that their profession could be more stable. The new Chairman added that selling dried seafood, such as squid, mackerel, sea catfish and threadfin to tourists or selling them to local seafood restaurants and shops, was to be encouraged apart from as well as export. This would increase the income of local fishermen and allow more Thai and foreign visitors to savor seafood products.

The Association also welcomes fishermen from other areas to work in the city. This will establish Pranburi as a tourist attraction where local fishermen earn almost as much as those in Hua Hin. The Pranburi Fisheries Association or PFA has a logo which shows an anchor in a circle of blue and with a white background. The Association’s objective is to take care of local fishermen and make the profession of fishing a sustainable job for local people. It is also responsible for managing complaints and suggestions from local people and organising cultural events in the city.

“Throughout the 71 years since its establishment, the PFA has had its own administrators take care of local fishermen. Despite some problems, namely marine animal shortage, high price of petrol or bad marketing of local products, with unity and the cooperation of local people, the Association can survive. I am determined to continue existing projects and to create new ones to serve both local people and fishermen of Pranburi, because I realise that fishing is one of our traditional professions. I am planning to work collaboratively with subdistrict and provincial offices as well as the government to upgrade and promote Pranburi as a Thai tourism industry town in the same way as a Japanese city I have recently visited,” concluded the PFA Chairman.