Police tracking down Mercedes driver who wouldn’t give way to ambulance


Police are tracking down the driver of a Mercedes Benz who gave an ambulance driver ‘the finger’ after refusing to give way to the screeching sirens of the ambulance trying to get a patient to hospital. The ambulance traveling between Phyathai 2 and Phyathai Hospital (Sri Racha) in central Bangkok on Saturday.

The relatives of the patient described the incident as “unbelievable” after the black Mercedes Benz refused to give way to the ambulance. In fact, it appeared to impede the ambulance from passing through.

Not giving way was bad enough but he added a final insult by giving the ambulance drivers a ‘middle finger salute’ before turning off the expressway. During the video it appears that the black Benz appears to swerve slightly to the left as the ambulance was attempting to change lanes to get past the car.

Ambulance driver ‘Warut’ describing the incident to hospital staff.

Thai media has calling for urgent action to stop this ongoing problem of drivers, mostly Thai, not pulling over to let ambulances through on busy roads. The media are pointing out that the current fine of 500 Baht is hardly a deterrent and education and promotions are needed to explain (as if it really needs explaining!) what to do in the case of an approaching ambulance during emergency.

The video clearly showed the license plate of the car and police say they will track the driver down before the end of the day.

To watch video, click: https://thethaiger.com/news/bangkok/police-tracking-down-mercedes-driver-who-wouldnt-give-way-to-an-ambulance-video

By The Thaiger / The Nation                                                                                  Source: Daily News