Pornhub and other adult websites will stay blocked in Thailand


Pornhub and other adult websites are remained blocked in Thailand as they “conflict with good morals for upstanding citizens.” The Thai Government says the website encourage poor moral standpoints and can affect youth in a negative manner.

Itthipol Khunplume, Acting Minister of Digital Economy and Society and current Minister of Culture said the decision was made by the previous office holder, Buddhipongse Punnakanta.

The decision also includes keeping other popular adult website blocked as the Thai Government had labelled them to be “obscene.”

The move to ban adult content has brought protests with those disagreeing saying such sites are freedom of expression.

“I believe people who have children will understand the ministry’s decision because the website contains lots of inappropriate video.”

Although pornography is illegal in Thailand, Pornhub was online for a decade. Some say the recent ban has to do with a video of certain “someone” shard on Pornhub.

Source: The Thaiger