Preserve Hua Hin Group & Chiva-Som sponsor Environmental Activities for Studen ts

Preserve Hua Hin Group & Chiva-Som sponsor Environmental Activities for Studen ts
Preserve Hua Hin Group & Chiva-Som sponsor Environmental Activities for Studen ts

by Supansa

The Preserve Hua Hin Group, in close cooperation with the Chiva-Som Resort Hua Hin, is organizing training courses on environmental conservation in Hua Hin, especially taking care of the city’s beaches, communities, archeological sites and tourist attractions. This project is provided to local students from 7 municipal schools in Hua Hin.

According to Mr. Paul Linder, the General Manager of Chiva- Som, the project focuses on young participants because they are easily taught and motivated. After learning, they will be more aware of the importance environment of what they learnt will pass to their parents, friends and neighbors. Importantly, they will be a good role model for people who do not realize about the relevant issue. This will be both direct and indirect problem solution that can be used effectively with enforcement of municipal laws and regulations.
Held once a year, the training accepts only 50 participants. It consists of a knowledge-based training at a camp conducted by qualified trainers and subsequent activities, such as garbage is collecting and mangrove trees planting.

The General Manager of Chiva-Som added that this project was an initiative of Khun Bunchu Rojanasathira, the Ex-Deputy Premier and late leader of Chiva-Som. In 2004, Mr. Krib Rojanasathira, his son, took over this responsibility to set up the Preserve Hua Hin Group as a non-profit organization working on environmental conservation in Hua Hin. The group has constantly dedicated itself to Hua Hin beach since 2007 ranked with 4 stars by Pollution Control Department. The Preserve Hua Hin Group is under the royal patronage of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
The group conducts a lot of projects to raise awareness on environmental conservation.

This year, Mr. Krib already made a white-cover report detailing with group’s 5 projects to improve Hua Hin, namely taking care of Hua Hin beach, promoting proper Hua Hin areas according to the city’s condition, reducing daily waste, launching anti-pollution projects, supporting and helping environmental activities of both governmental, private sectors and encouraging local students to practice ‘Khon’ is traditionally performed by men in masks accompanied and selling local products.
In December, Preserve Hua Hin Group will set up a Concert about Environmental Awareness at Hin Lek Fire Mountain Park.