Progression in solving Baan Takiab’s issues

Progression in solving Baan Takiab’s issues
Progression in solving Baan Takiab’s issues

Mr. Chiep Suksri, a member of the Hua Hin Municipal Council third District, debated progress and challenges to solve Baan Takiab’s issues, and invited the Council members to visit the area, inspect the issue of land sub-leasing, as well as the island park, school entrance at Bo Ta Kham and solid waste management of the district’s alleys. Mr. Chiep Suksri revealed that in the third session of the new Council’s second general assembly meeting, he brought up the issues of Pa Cha Khao, the public area in Baan Takiab district, which had been separated and leased out to the residents who suffered from the canal expansion project.

However, some of the residents sub-leased their land to other people, which affected the process of solving the housing problems. Moreover, there are also issues of the park and traffic island in front of the police booth, the billboard image of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the name signs, trees and lawn, which have never been taken good care of in the past and causing unpleasant sights, Other issues include piles of rocks at the entrance of Baan Takiab Municipal school, broken water drain covers and an old railway crossing that has no barrier, This path is regularly used by a lot of teachers and students.

At the public area of Bo Ta Kham, a location where Thai and foreign tourists come to swim and relax on the beach, the Sala is collapsing, walls are damaged and trash and rubbish are seen scattered around. Furthermore, there is no solid waste management in the district’s alleys, which has caused increasing leftover and remaining garbage. For the past 4 years, Baan Khao Takiab, a rural attraction district, has been relatively neglected and not receiving enough attention from Hua Hun Municipality. “Hua Hin is like an entrance door, open and welcome visitors every day. Baan Khao Takiab is like a window.

If the door and the window are not inviting or inappropriate, the house would never be valuable, due to the fact of development and maintenance failure.” Mr. Chiep Suksri said. He also added that after debating the issues to the Council, the Chairman of Hua Hin Municipal Council, the members of Service Unit and the Public Health Unit have joined him to visit the district for an inspection. Therefore, the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor have commanded the responsible Units to create budget plans and summon the residents that have been granted in a land rights at Pa Cha Khao to solve these issues.

As for the railway crossing barrier at Moo Baan Takiab-Khao Pag Ah, the municipal administrators, the State Railway of Thailand and the station master of the Hua Hin railway station have been cooperating to speed up the process of expanding the crossing and building a permanent barrier, which is expected to be finished before the end of 2012, and will provide more safety for the local residents.