Property Security – What is the Best System For You?

Property Security – What is the Best System
Property Security – What is the Best System

Despite Hua Hin being generally a safe place for either private homes or even big business, there are still questions asked about protection from intruders or even anti-terror and panic warning systems. If this is on your mind, we posed some questions to a local security company so that you can be prepared.

1. What is the real value of a CCTV system?

A CCTV system will not wake you or alert you when you are away from home. Even burglars with little clue are likely to cover their faces, making a CCTV system alone little value. CCTV is good to survey your home or hear a suspicious noise or to check why your alarm system is operating. If your budget means you need to choose between an alarm system and CCTV; an alarm should always be first priority!

2. Home owners often say they not want an alarm because no one will respond!

That might be true, but it is important to disturb the burglar and reduce the time available to find your valuables or you! Stealing time from the burglar might be the most important task of the alarm system and might save your life.

3. Why spent more money and time for a wired sensor installation when a wireless alarm system can be installed in only one day and costs significantly less?

Wireless sensors can be easily jammed with equipment available online with a cost of only $US20. Using this equipment means wireless sensors signals will not reach the alarm panel. In banks and gold shops you will never find wireless sensors for this reason. Another problem is batteries may fail leading to false alarms or even no alarm at all. We always recommend wired or combined systems.

4. How are false alarms avoided?

There should be 2 motion sensors per zone to detect motion, something like 2 eyes. Only when both sensors detect motion, the alarm is triggered. A gecko detected by 1 sensor will never trigger the alarm.

5. Should I just install better locks or iron bars?

Most homes have many windows which intruder can easily break or cut the glass. The best locks will not prevent access. In most cases it takes only a few extra minutes to remove the iron bars with some basic equipment. Entry from the roof is also possible making the best locks and bars irrelevant. A better investment is an alarm system that will prevent a nd protect much more effectively.

6. Can I have an outdoor detection system only?

Animals and plants can also trigger alarms especially during high winds although outdoor sensors to activate lights and a pre-alarm beeping sound might be useful. Indoor sensors are always recommended for reliable protection.

7. Should I choose an alarm system with GSM and internet connection?

With internet access at home, smart phones and tablets, this is an easy and flexible way to monitor security without any extra costs. Although alarm systems can be controlled by internet, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) offers more safety to receive remote warnings.

8. Is there a difference in protecting my home when I go out or when I stay home?

A good alarm system offers a STAY and AWAY mode. This means that when you go out all sensors will be active but when you are home, only the sensors that you want will be active. Good alarm systems can deactivate any sensor in STAY mode, cheaper alarm systems have limitations.

9. My budget is limited, what should I install first?

Showing intruder that your home is protected with stickers, signs and audible alarms front and back and blinking LED’s is a good way to start. Second a panic button next to your bed and on key fobs. A panic button can save your life. Next increase the number of zones covered; first in an area which the intruder must pass. Adding magnetic sensors on doors and windows provides extra security.

Magnet sensors trigger alarms before an intruder is inside the house. You can also walk freely in your home when armed in STAY mode. Finally outdoor LED flood lights controlled by the alarm and outdoor motion sensors are a good option.

Information provided by Wim Verlinden, Managing Director SMART ALARM CO LTD. Email your enquiries to or call 089-918-8913