Protect Hua Hin Beach in Sustainable Ways


The Bureau of Policy and Planning to the Ministry of Natural Resources is working with executives of Hua Hin Municipality and representatives of local communities in Hua Hin to take care of and protect Hua Hin beaches for A-graded results.

The director of community environment Mr. Nawarat Kraiphan attended a meeting with the Hua Hin Mayor Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul and 200 representatives of local communities in the city. The participants were encouraged to give recommendations about solving environmental problems and taking care of Hua Hin beach areas. The brainstorming and discussion on this issue was led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekkarin Anukulyutthon, the chairman of ASEAN City Plan Association, and his delegates who also presented ways and practical principles concerning environmental conservation.

Many participants at the meeting, particularly local community representatives, proposed effective ways to solve existing problems on Hua Hin beaches. Most of the problems concern trespassing beach areas to construct buildings, letting waste water out to the beaches by some hotels, condominiums, houses, restaurants and guesthouses, increasing garbage by people living along Hua Hin beaches and public area encroachment.

According to the participants, Hua Hin was once a four-star quality beach of Thailand. Nevertheless, due to the above mentioned problems, the beach has recently been downgraded. Therefore, governmental sectors, especially local offices, should provide authorities, budget and law enforcement to take care of and monitor the affected areas, namely Boh Fai, Hua Hin, Takiab and Ban Hua Don beaches.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekkarin said that to successfully solve problems about environment of Hua Hin beaches in a practical way, cooperation from administrators and people should work together. Only law enforcement cannot be applied without conscious mind of everybody concerned.

Mr.Peter, a foreign participant at the meeting, informed that ,he had done some research and found that most foreigners who like to visit and stay in Hua Hin were Scandinavians, Hollanders and German. They prefer peaceful and safe atmosphere, clean air and good environment Hua Hin has to give rather than any other places in Thailand. Unfortunately, current environmental problems are becoming worse and, unless they are solved, tourists may not want to come here.

Peter also added that foreign tourists viewed Hua Hin as a center that provided various knowledge to them because the city had people of different professions, such as hoteliers, guesthouse owners, sellers and drivers. Tourist agencies in other countries have conducted a survey on “green” tourist attractions. From the survey, Assara and Ban Taley Dao in Khao Takiab were selected as the environmental friendly tourist accommodations for visitors in Hua Hin.

As 2015 is the year when most tourists come to Hua Hin and have ‘green’ vacation, Hua Hin needs to upgrade and improve itself until it becomes a beachfront city with A-graded quality.