R.I.P. Mrs Connie Heinecke; Hua Hin’s Iconic Grand Lady


Constance ‘Connie’ Heinecke was wellknown in Hua Hin society as a nonagenarian who spread her aura of elegance and humour wherever she graced an occasion with her presence. She has passed away at the age of 98 and her life is being celebrated by all her knew her. Constance ‘Connie’ Heinecke was born in Philadelphia in 1919.

Connie came to Asia in 1952 when she and her two young sons followed her U.S. Marine husband to Japan. While her husband, Roy, served as a combat correspondent in Korea, Connie took a job as Women’s Editor for the Army, Navy and Air force Times. In 1956 Connie and her family moved to Hong Kong where Roy was Press Officer at the American Consulate. Connie wasted no time and opened Newsweek Magazine’s first Southeast Asian office.

Later she became their regional advertising manager when the Heinecke family left Hong Kong for Kuala Lumpur and in 1963, Bangkok. Connie then continued to live in her adopted home in Thailand. Her son Bill is the CEO of the Minor Group of companies in Bangkok and a Thai citizen. With her two sons, three grandsons and one great grandson living in Ireland, U.S.A. and Thailand, she was a frequent world traveller when she wasn’t entertaining her friends and family with her amusing stories and jokes.

Connie was presented with a bronze statue of herself seated outside her home at the Anantara Condominium, Hua Hin, which is now a lasting memorial to her presence in Hua Hin. From Andrew Stocks, founder of the Power of Love Church in Hua Hin: “She was the most unique person I ever knew, she was the strongest person I ever knew, and she was a hard lady but also had a very soft spot too. RIP as you go to Heaven; goodbye and God bless you.