Rabies Vaccination Campaign 2019

Rabies Vaccination Campaign 2019
Rabies Vaccination Campaign 2019

Rabies or Hydrophobia affects many different mammals who carry the disease, the most common of which are dogs. Humans are infected by dog bits, scratches or saliva splashed into an open wound.

There is currently no cure for the Rabies virus and the situation remains problematic as there is insufficient amounts of vaccination against rabies for all the dogs. People who are bitten by dogs often do not go to get vaccinated immediately, causing death. In the year 2018, it was found that the area of Hua Hin Municipality had an outbreak of Rabies caused by dogs. A total of 10 dogs (Nong Kae Subdistrict 2, Hua Hin Sub district 8) were found to be infected with Rabies.

In order to prevent and control further epidemics in animals, and to continuously raise awareness, Vet Work Public Health Department of the Public Health and Environment Division and the Hua Hin Municipality has created a rabies vaccination campaign for the fiscal year 2019; encouraging people to bring their pets to be vaccinated against the disease. According to the “Disease-free animals, people safe from rabies project” and Her Royal Highness Princes Chulabhornwalailak, the campaign’s target is to to get rid of the Rabies disease within in year 2020 in Thailand, which is in line with the World Health Organization (WHO), and the International Animal Epidemiology Organization’s target. Therefore, Hua Hin Municipality will determine the vaccination plan between 18 – 29 March 2019.

Hua Hin Today wants to help as a medium for public relations and information. Hua Hin Today will continue to inform and encourage people living in the area to bring their pets to receive the vaccination. The service is FREE (according to the specific dates, times and location specified). Ask for more details at the Veterinary Department of Public Health Department at the Public Health and Environment Division 0-3251- 2105 and 0-3251 6551.