Rak Hua Hin – to Serve Hua Hin People and all Thais

Rak Hua Hin - to Serve Hua Hin People and all Thais
Rak Hua Hin - to Serve Hua Hin People and all Thais

The “Rak Hua Hin” (Love Hua Hin in Thai) group has been launched formally with activities aiming to help victims of natural disasters .
According to the group leader Dr. Thaweesak Dachapanya, the “Rak Hua Hin” is set up by Mr. Thawee Kasem-ngarm, Mr. Sahatchai Anatamek and him. Once it was formed, the group organized the first activity — a Chinese dinner charity at the Phon Kingphet Memorial Park –to help flood victims in Thailand.

Besides helping people affected by natural disasters, the group will engage in local politics of Hua Hin for the next municipal election to solve problems regarding political, social and cultural issues. This is because the ex-members of the group: Khun Prasat Suknikorn and Mr. Thak Dechapanya, were a mayor and a municipal councilor respectively, added Dr. Thaweesak.
“Recently, Hua Hin has been growing and expanding by itself. However, the city’s quick-development and ignorance of local administrators will deter desired urban improvement,” said Dr. Thaweesak. “That’s why the “Rak Hua Hin” has to participate in local politics of the city in terms of socio-cultural issues, which are the crucial factors for the city’s development.”

The group leader went on by saying that, if the “Rak Hua Hin” went into the local politics, there were 2 things that need to be done immediately. The first is improvement of the city’s infrastructure, particularly water storage, as Hua Hin can store only 100,000 cubic meters of water while its people use 40,000 to 50,000 cubic meters of water daily. So, water shortage is common here. Moreover, road paving in small lanes around the municipal areas is a must as people are now having problems commuting. The second is services on house plans and house number registration as well as other services that are reportedly not efficient enough.

To solve the problems mentioned earlier, Dr. Thaweesak proposed total urban replanning as this method yields more systematic infrastructure management and prevents traffic congestion in the city’s center. Moreover, governmental administrators have to promote public transport to serve increasing need of local people.

The group leader concluded that, although the group was already formalized with its leader, the members were seeking other executive board members who would be announced as soon as they were accepted.