Resolving Wild Monkeys Problems

Resolving Wild Monkeys Problems
Resolving Wild Monkeys Problems

Due to the problem of monkeys troubling people in Hua Hin, especially in the areas of Royal Hua Hin Golf Course, Khao Takiab Buddhist Temple and Hin Lek Fai Hill, the Hua Hin Municipality, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department and Department of Livestock Development will provide sterilisation for the monkeys and install containment cages in the areas concerned.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin Ms. Bussaba Chokesuchart, 2,000 wild monkeys roaming around the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course and Hin Lek Fai Hill are stealing food from tourists and nearby restaurants as well as damaging local houses. The Hua Hin municipal office has erected signs in Thai and English with a message asking people not to give any food to the monkeys.

However, while some people follow the instruction, others still leave food, fruit and drink for monkeys resulting in them continuing to be a problem. As the Khao Takiab Buddhist Temple does not give anything to the monkeys, the animals are seen at hotels and restaurants nearby. Some of them have been found at the ferry pier.

After a meeting of the concerned authorities, around 600 monkeys from the golf course and Khao Takiab will be put into containment areas at Hin Lek Fai Hill. Staff of the Department of Livestock Development will sterilise them and provide daily food and drink. Hin Lek Fai Hill is an ideal tourist attraction where visitors will be able to both enjoy seeing the panoramic vista but also give food to the monkeys. The plan for monkey control, including a budget will be proposed by the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department for approval by the Hua Hin Municipality as an urgent project to be carried out this fiscal year.

If successful, it will be continued in following years. Municipal officers said that they were confident the plan will be effective as it had already been successful in other areas. In the future, some monkey containment will be installed at the Khao Takiab Buddhist Temple where visitors can also give food to the animals. The Mayor of Hua Hin Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul, along with the Deputy Mayor and members of the Hua Hin Municipal Council has visited Khao Takiab to help survey the number of the monkeys troubling people. He said that he would soon report about progress to resolve the problem himself.