RESTFULLY YOURS SPA at Rest Detail Hotel & Spa


Treatment with a twist at Rest Detail Hotel & Spa

The Restfully Yours Spa is located in the Rest Detail Hotel & Spa, Hua Hin. My colleague and I had arranged to come and experience this Spa and it was lovely surprise for us! Not only is the Rest Detail Hotel itself tastefully designed but the Spa was as restful as the name indicates with a classy, tropical feel.  We were immediately lulled into relaxation.

At the Spa I thought I had been given a raw deal when my colleague was offered the ‘Healing of the Ocean’ treatment and I was allotted ‘Cupping’.  For those of you who don’t know, ‘Cupping’ is a therapy started by the ancient Chinese with a localized suction being applied to the skin. Practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow to promote healing.  To me it sounded unpleasant and I had heard that it’s painful but ‘boy’ was I wrong. The Spa describes the treatment as a “Cupping Massage in conjunction with Swedish massage”. Let’s put this way, I was so relaxed by end of the treatment that I think I actually was snoring. You can do ‘Cupping’ on me any day!

This treatment consists of 1.5 hours of Swedish Massage using warm cupping bowls. The treatment and the private treatment room with its muted lights, beautiful decor and impeccable attention to detail made this treatment the highlight of my week.. no; make it the month!

Although I did not have the ‘Healing of the Ocean’ treatment I knew it was good when I saw my colleague stumbling out of the treatment room looking looking like she needed a nap.  For this treatment you have Swedish Massage using heated lava shells for 1.5 hours. The Lava shells are made of calcium carbonate. When the shell gets warm, it gives off calcium directly into the skin during the massage. This helps to regulate the skin’s natural renewal procedure, leaving the skin looking firmer and healthier.  The treatment unlocks the knots in muscle groups from the movement of the warm shells that are hot when they are placed then cool off when they are moved.  The benefits are decreased muscle tension and pain, released trigger points and a general feeling of relaxation and well-being. My colleague was amazed by the feeling of the shells and said they were highly polished, so they glided easily over her skin.  It felt like being massaged by silk. ‘Healing of the Ocean’ is the signature treatment of the Spa.  It’s a beautiful spa with a ‘Five Star’ touch.

The Restfully Yours Spa is located on the first floor of the hotel. Restfully Yours Spa offers two spa suites for couples and three individually treatment rooms.  There is also a manicure, pedicure and foot massage lounge, reception and retail boutique shop. The shop sells ERB Natural Herbal Spa & Beauty Care Products which are also used in the treatments.  There are also Rest Detail Hotel signature private label products available including bathrobes, beach bags and fisherman pants.

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