‘Rhodes Rules School’ Questions & Answers

‘Rhodes Rules School’ - Questions & Answers
‘Rhodes Rules School’ - Questions & Answers

For golfers of all abilities who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Golf; provided by Rules guru and author Barry Rhodes. Each month 5 new

Questions & Answers will be shown; here are numbers 41 – 45. TRUE or FALSE?

Question 41 In his a stroke play competition a player takes two practice swings in a water hazard, touching the ground each time. He incurs total penalties of four strokes for grounding his club in a hazard twice. True or False? Answer: False. Decision 1-4/12(3). Note: A single penalty is incurred when related acts result in one Rule being breached more than once.

Question 42 An artificially-surfaced road is an obstruction and a player may take relief without penalty. True or False?
Answer: True. Definition of Obstructions. Note: An obstruction is anything artificial, including the artificial surfaces and sides of roads and paths. A player may take relief from interference by an immovable obstruction.

Question 43 A player rotates his ball on the putting green to line-up the trademark with the hole. He does not lift the ball, mark its position or change its position. There is no penalty. True or False?
Answer: False. Decision 18-2a/33. Note: If the player had marked the position of the ball before rotating it, there would have been no penalty.

Question 44 A player may drop a rake in the bunker beside him before he takes his stance to make his stroke. True or False?
Answer: True. Decision 13-4/21. Note: The player would incur a penalty if, when he dropped the rake, it moved his ball or improved the lie of his ball.

Question 45 A player says to his fellow competitor, “You have no shot at all. If I were you, I would declare your ball unplayable.” He is penalised two strokes. True or False?
Answer: True. Rule 8-1 Advice and Definition of Advice. Note: Advice is any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining their play. However, information on the Rules is not advice, so if the player had outlined the three options for an unplayable ball, without making a recommendation, no penalty would have been incurred.

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