Rotary Hua Hin Welcomes New Chairman and Board Members

Rotary Hua Hin Welcomes New Chairman and Board Members
Rotary Hua Hin Welcomes New Chairman and Board Members

The Rotary Hua Hin has lately welcomed a new chairman and board members for 2012 and 2013 with new social campaigns to improve the beachfront city. According to the new chairman Mr. Panithan Maneethong, a celebration for the new chairman and 15 newly elected board members was already held. This event also bid farewell to the former chairman Mr. Kamthorn Pranthanachai whose dedication contributed to better social condition in Hua Hin. Mr. Panithan added that he would continue social works under the Rotary’s policy.

Recent contributions carried out by the Rotary that are well-known among local people in Hua Hin include building roadside pavillions, installing drinking water tanks at schools, building public libraries, providing eyeglasses to the poor, providing students with bicycles, giving vaccine against polio to students, reforestation to honor His Majesty the King and cooperation with governmental agencies for cultural events in Hua Hin.

The Rotary Hua Hin also launched many clubs for local students and foreigners in the city to encourage them to take part in social works. Mr. Panithan said that, although the position of chairmanship lasted for one year, he was strongly determined to continue the past work and create new ones according to the Rotary’s policy. Besides, the Rotary is now seeking people from governmental and private organizations whose contribution and work are worth an honor.

In this year, Mr. Bunthawee Bunhai, an English teacher from Hua Hin Municipal School, and Mr. Khongsak Thiengtham, a veterinarian of Hua Hin Animal Hospital, were awarded honorary plaques for distinguished work on English teaching and giving outstanding lectures at Kasetsart University, Hua Hin, respectively. Now, the Rotary Hua Hin reaches 25 years old and already has 24 chairmen. As the latest chairman, Mr. Panithan said he would do his best to help both public and private organizations work on social activities following the Rotary’s motto that considers social services the top priority.