Saphan Hin Walking Street Recently Opened


The opening of Saphan Hin Walking Street coincided with the 1st Cha-Am Fishing Games on 12 February 2011 at 6 p.m. Both events were presided over by the Petchaburi Governor Mr. Chai Panitpornpan. The project on transforming Saphan Hin to a walking street for visitors in Cha-Am, initiated by the Petchaburi Governor who would like to make this tourist attraction a symbol of Cha-Am visit, was funded under the Strengthening Thailand Project 2012.

With the financial support of 13,544,800 Baht, the Saphan Hin, located on the south of Cha-Am beaches, is now served as a place for recreation, exercise, art and cultural exhibition and afternoon relaxing. It is under the supervision of the Cha-Am Municipality. Even though it has been opened lately, Saphan Hin is much favored by Thais and foreigners alike as they come here to enjoy sunset in the late afternoon and do fishing. This recent tourist attraction will become one of the most frequently visited places and the symbols of Cha-Am very soon.

To promote tourism at Saphan Hin Walking Street, the Cha-Am Municipality organized the 1st Cha-Am Fishing Games in which competitors did fishing for snapper, grouper, croaker, stingray, bagrid catfish and other types of fish. Winners will be judged by the weight of the fish they caught. Held between 12 and 13 February, the 1st Cha-Am Fishing Games aims to promote fishing and tourism in the area. According to the Petchaburi Governor, the Saphan Hin is a symbol of Cha-Am. At both ends of the bridge are two big statues of octopus which visitors like to take pictures with.

A night market will be opened for visitors soon.
Since it is a symbol of Cha-Am, local people and tourists have to take care of Saphan Hin so that it remains with Cha-Am as long as possible. Mainly responsible for administrative work and management at Saphan Hin, the Cha-Am Municipality formulated some regulations which should be followed strictly. No vehicle, except motorcycles, is allowed to park in the area. Construction of any buildings is prohibited. Overnight stay, camping and permanent activities are not permitted. Sitting or standing on the octopus statues is not allowed. Moreover, merchants and sellers there do not have any right to possess the area as their own property.

At present, the Cha-Am Municipality is discussing with the local community leader of Saphan Hin about how to manage the area together, concluded the Cha-Am Mayor Mr. Nukul Pornsomboonsiri. Note of the Editor : Good Idea also for Hua Hin .